Water Leak Detection
Phoenix, Arizona Water Flow Tests

  • Inspect Water Tanks, Pumps and Lines.
  • Stop Water Leaks and Improve Pressure.
  • Avoid Down Time with Emergency Services.

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Water Well Experience

Water Well Experience

For more than a decade, we’ve been finding underground water leaks and repairing the damage.

Quality Equipment

Quality Equipment

In order to stop water leaks for good, we only use highly rated tools, equipment and parts.

Emergency Repairs

Emergency Repairs

We’re available 24/7 in order to address interrupted water lines and to minimize the damage.

Our Certified Water Testing Services

are licensed, insured, and bonded. ROC# 224488


Water Well Inspections

Whether you’re experiencing low pressure or poor water quality, the first thing we need to do is inspect your well. Assessing your entire water system is important because there are a number of things that could be causing you problems.

Water Tank Leaking

Water Pump Tests

If you’re experiencing issues with your water, there is always a chance that your water pump could be failing. We have the ability to replace or repair broken water pumps if our tests show this is the root of the problem.

Low Water Pressure

Water Tank Inspections

Well water systems are complex, especially if you have expansion tanks that act as reservoirs for different parts of the property. In addition to providing routine maintenance checks, we can also install a new water tank or repair the current one.

Water Leak Repairs

Water Flow Tests

As a certified water testing company, we can also inspect your water flow. During this test, we measure the quantity and pressure of your water to determine if a leak is present.

Client Testimonials

for our residential water services

Arizona Water Leak Specialists

Arizona Water Leak Specialists

We specialize in inspecting residential water wells and installing new systems. When it comes water main leak detection, our water flow tests make it easy. Although efficiency matters, we also want our customers to have a positive experience. At Arizona Pump Services Inc., we take pride in reporting to job sites on time and ready to work, whether it’s for routine maintenance or a major pump repair. We respect your property by minimizing the intrusion and maintaining a clean job site. We value you as our customer and are committed to detecting and repairing your leak within the agreed upon time frame and your budget.

For more than a decade, Arizona Pump Services has been the source for quality water systems in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Though times have changed, our commitment to professionalism and service remains the same. The team at Arizona Pump Services delivers unparalleled industry knowledge and experience. We assess your situation, offer you honest advice and then we do the job right.

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