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Understanding Your Home Water System

if you’re homeowner without city-regulated water servies, then you need a well water pump system to access water inside. The process starts with a jet or submersible well water pump that vaccuums water into a reservior tank inside the home. This pressurized tank is full of compressed air and in order to manage the water pressure throughout the entire house. When water levels become low, it signals the pump to deliver more water into the tank. A malfunctioning or leaking water tank can cause a lot of problems if it’s not properly maintained.down times for repairs or replacement can be costly.

Before Purchasing a Water Tank to Install

You need to determine what type of tank best suits your water system. We supply and install the following:


Bladder Pressure Tanks

This type of water tank uses two different chambers for water and compressed air. The inflating and deflating “bladder” activates the water pump by triggering a sensor when more water is required. If you’re worried about your water tank collapsing under pressure, this option is a good investment to make.


Air-Over-Water Pressure Tank

A galvanized design with simplicity in mind,this type of well pressure tank consists of one chamber for both water and pressurized air.the air pressure forces water out of the tank and into the opened access point.Although much larger in size,they hold a similar capacity to other that don't take up much space.


Diaphragm Pressure Tanks

This option also comes with two separate chambers, similar to the bladder pressure tank. Instead of a balloon-like design, it uses a rubber diaphragm that’s permanently connected to the sides of the tank. The pump is shut off when the diaphragm presses against the air chamber, signaling the water level.

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Client Testimonials

for our residential water services


Christain D

Thanks for the prompt response regarding the service call last week. It was a pleasure to meet the owner Kenny Kjer, a very friendly and competent person. Someone finally in this area who knows what he is doing! I’ve been fortunate to have excellent water system without it costing an arm and a leg when other companies couldn’t help.


Anthony F

I must say that I am happy with the outcome. I was very impressed with the professionalism of Dave and the team who performed the installation and the young man who actually did the drilling. It will be my pleasure to continue our relationship and to recommend your services to whoever has need of them.


Ethan Whiley

Thank you for responding to my problem in a timely manner. The well and pump are working fine. It’s nice to call your office and talk to a real live human! Keep up the good work.


Mike and Meredith Murray

Thank you Kenny for the quick response and work on our well. It enabled the work on our fencing to stay on schedule and we all appreciate it


Beth Baird

Your professional, quality work is exceeded by your honesty and friendly manner. Thank you for your service.


Owner Kenny Kjer

No Job is too big our small. We are here to serve your water well and pump needs. You can count on us when it matters most. That’s my commitment and promise to you!


Cami Bell

We want to thank you for all the good work you do for us here. You folks are always prompt, efficient and friendly—no business can do more for their customers than that. From the original well you put in here for the Ashfords, to Kenny’s visit today (less than half an hour after my call) your company has provided 100% satisfaction. Thank you – you’re an example of an Arizona’s business at its finest!


Roger Wright

Marie and I wish to thank your staff and service personnel for such a quick response to our call and request for help. The problem was resolved quickly and water was back in our home in no time. Please give our regards to all of your family. We hold a special place in our hearts for all of you. Thanks again for all you have done for us in the past.


Armando Delares

We appreciate you for taking care of all our water needs and problems on the farm. It’s important for us to have confidence in the company that serves our needs, especially concerning our good health. Thanks for all your help in the past 10 years and we look forward to more good service in future years to come.


Jason Wunder

I called your office and you had someone to my home off New River Rd in under an hour! It turned out to be a worn-out control box and you replaced it in under five minutes. We’ve been customers of yours for nearly 7 years, and always during that time everyone there has been kind, considerate, and helpful. We were amazed that you were able to get our problem fixed in an hour during that terrible drought when every one was waiting to have wells drilled. This made us even happier to be your customer. Everybody says service is terrible these days, but your service could hardly be better. We wish everybody in America had the service ethic of Arizona Pump Services. Thanks for being there for us when we needed you most..

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Arizona pump services Inc. is a locally owned and operated business in west phoenix,Arizona.We take pride in our professional water tank installations and go to out of our way to ensure customers enjoy a positive experience. if you’re currently dealing with water well concerns or want more information about installing a water pressure tank,we’d be happy to help! During the installation,you can expert a timely arrival and a clean organized job site.Whether it’s a water well repair or routine maintenance,we value you as a customer and appreciate your business.
For more than a decade, Arizona Pump Services has been the source for quality water systems in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Though times have changed, our commitment to professionalism and service remains the same. The team at Arizona Pump Services delivers unparalleled industry knowledge and experience. We assess your situation, offer you honest advice and then we do the job right.

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