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How to Know if You Need a New Well Water Pump?

Since your water pump is typically hidden from clear view, it can be difficult to tell when it’s failing. If it seems like there might be something wrong with your water system, here are a few telling signs that the cause has something to do with your well water pump:

Although you may not experience all of the above warning signs, requesting a water pump inspection is a good idea. A broken pump is forced to constantly run in order to maintain your home’s water pressure. The longer the problem occurs, the worse the result can become.

Before Purchasing a Well Water Pump to Install

You need to determine which of these two systems best suit the yield of your well.


Submersible Water Pump

A submersible system requires the water pump installation to take place near the bottom of the well. It uses existing pressure to push water to the surface or into your home. Not only is a submersible pump already primed, it’s ready to begin pumping with consistent pressure as soon as you drop it into the well. Unlike the jet pump, this type of system isn’t forced to work against gravity and can actually pressurize faster. In addition to saving an immense amount of energy, the sealed motor and pump leaves little room for error which provides homeowners with peace of mind . In order to prevent overheating, there is a water inlet induction port underneath the submersible pump that keeps the system cool.

Water-Well-Jet-Pump (2)

Water Well Jet Pump

Also known as a deep or shallow well water pump, a jet pump is positioned above ground and uses a diffuser and impeller to suction water into a pipe. A shallow well pump’s ejector is above the ground while the deep well pump is submerged. This option can be a little more difficult to install yourself because you have to prime the pump. If it loses its prime, it can stop working altogether and require additional repair .The jet pump also creates a lot more noise and isn’t able to generate as much pressure as the submersible because it’s working against gravity to pull water. Although this option is a lot more affordable during well pump installation, the power and repair costs are much higher than the other options.


Centrifugal Water Pumps

The centrifugal pump is easily maintained, fairly affordable and takes up less space. At the same time, it’s output is limited because of it’s size. Unlike the submersible pump, that can be used in shallow and deep wells, the centrifugal water pump can only be used in shallow systems that are no more than 25 feet deep. The range is capped here because the pump only has one pipe that connects the water column to the well borehole. A lack or power and range doesn’t allow this type of pump to generate enough of a vacuum to carry water to the surface. It’s a great option for small wells and water tanks , but is not ideal for large homes or irrigation pump systems.

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