Pump Systems & Water Filtration

The Services You Need for Reliable, Clean Water

From the pump systems that move water out of your well to filtration systems that clean it for residential use, Arizona Pump Services, Inc. has you covered. We provide the installation, maintenance, and repair services you need for these important water supply systems.

Deep water well set up, country side construction. Drilled draw well with pressure switch and storage tank.

Comprehensive Care for Well Water Pumps and Filtration Systems

Traditional and constant pressure variable speed submersible pumps are most commonly used in our service region. Constant pressure-variable speed pumps have developed over the past several years as a measure to maintain constant water pressure in the home, similar to homes that are connected to municipal systems. Our technicians have the skills and training to diagnose water well system issues and repair and maintain systems of all sizes in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Calcium and magnesium content can create hardness in your water. Low PH creates acidic water that can be harmful to systems and fixtures. This is why we take pride in our ability to repair and install water filtration in addition to our pumping system services.

Our Certified Technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded. ROC# 224488

Servicing Essential Well Water Services

You can depend on our expert technicians to keep a supply of healthy water flowing to your home. At Arizona Pump Services, Inc., we handle the equipment that maintains the quality of life at your home or business. For help with pumps, filtration systems, and other devices, contact us today.

Our Water Well Services

For comprehensive well water services, you can rely on our company. We work hard to help you maintain an efficient system and a safe water supply.

Water Tank Installation Services

Homes on well-water systems often need help maintaining adequate pressure. Our talented team of technicians can supply pressure tanks to keep the level consistent.

Water Well Repair Services

A water well system breakdown can result in a full water shutoff. If you need help with your water system equipment, our technicians can help you at any time of the day or night.

Water Well Testing and Inspections

Arizona Pump Services, Inc. supplies a host of helpful inspection and testing services to ensure your well water is clean and your system components running as they should.

Water Pump Installations

Your water pump is a critical piece of equipment for your system. When you open a new well or it is time for a replacement, you can trust our team to deliver expert installation services.